Point Boro Holds Annual Powderpuff Game: Seniors vs Juniors

Junior team celebrating after taking the win.

It’s that time of year again when the girls of Point Boro face off to compete in a friendly Powderpuff Game between grades. With all senior and junior girls encouraged to participate, this flag football event always has a big turnout as family and friends come to watch the girls play. The 2022 Powderpuff game was held on November 22 at Al Saner Field and was definitely one of the most exciting games yet. 

The week prior, participants met up in order to practice for the big game. Members of the Boro Football team worked their best to coach the girls to victory. On the senior side, we had quarterback Molly Liggett ready for anything. Anything, except Kyleigh Cilento, for that matter. Cilento played as quarterback for the junior side and seemed to be an unstoppable force.

As the senior class panicked, there seemed to only be one option. As Tyler “Tina” Gordon entered the playing field, a play was quickly performed in hopes of improving the senior’s score. Of course, with Tyler running around in a wig, the junior class didn’t let that slide and were able to bring him down before he could reach the end zone. In the end, the final score was 30-6, juniors.  

After speaking with Molly Liggett, she explained, “Even after going home with a loss, we all had fun and it was a good time out on the field with my friends.” We can see that this event allowed the upperclassmen girls to all come together and enjoy time with their classmates while creating another memory to add to their final year here at Point Boro.

Besides bonding time, this exciting event also contributed to the Class of 2023 fund, as well as donated money to the Class of 2024. Attendees could buy tickets to come watch while all proceeds went towards the Class of 2023. There was also a bake sale available that raised money for the Class of 2024. 

Overall, the annual Powderpuff Game at Point Boro always proves to be a good time. With football, family, and friends, it’s hard to beat. Same time, next year; see if this Junior class can keep their winning streak!