“A Christmas Story” Homeowner Insults Actor Yano Anaya


On November 15th, ‘A Christmas Story’ actor Yano Anaya was startled after being humiliated by homeowner Brian Jones. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Anaya was observed taking selfies with fans outside the movie home.

 In footage posted by TMZ, Jones suddenly appeared to shout at Anaya: “Get out of here. I’m not kidding…get away from my property– don’t ever come here again. Never ever again. Leave now, I’m serious.” Furthermore, he emerged to call Yano a “scammer” and a “loser.” 

 According to Emmanuel Soba, Yano spoke to the homeowner on the phone the day before the incident, stating they had a great conversation. Yano Anaya and his other ‘Christmas Story’ cast peers had been interested in purchasing the home. Supposedly, Brian declared he would be willing to sell the property to the group. 

 As a response to the situation, Jones announced: “I apologize for the way I expressed myself; however, it was out of concern that fans could be misled into contributing to a GoFundMe campaign that will not result in the purchase of the house.” 

 It appeared that there was a GoFundme page “supporting” the purchase of the home. The group stated that they did not make the GoFundMe page, as Soba remarked it was never active.