BEWARE! Most Common Injuries During The Holidays


It’s the holiday season and it’s time for joy and fun. However, it’s hard to have fun in the waiting room of the ER. Out of the 95% of Americans that celebrate this time of year, 30% say that they have injured themselves during the holidays. From shoppers’ rage to house fires, it is a time to take a little more caution and be alert to any dangers. Here is a list of the most common holiday injuries and how to prevent them.

In my research, the one point that came up the most was falling injuries. These injuries range from slipping on ice to falling off of roofs. Around 5,800 people a year sustain injuries in falls associated with holiday decorating. So, how might we prevent this? It really boils down to being cautious. Make sure you salt your driveways to prevent slipping. Have someone holding your ladder. If something feels dangerous, it most likely is.

Have you ever left your Christmas lights on while you slept? Well, did you know that approximately 770 fires are caused each year by those very same lights? House fires and burns are very common this time of year. Besides lights, many people also tend to leave holiday candles unattended. Now, I’m sure at this point I sound repetitive, but just being aware can save lives. Be sure to turn out the lights and blow out your candles before you sleep. I promise, Santa can still find your house.

I would like to now touch on a bit of a serious topic. 64% of people living with mental illness have reported their circumstances worsening during the holidays. Alcohol is also heavily abused around this time. Sadly, these things can be fatal. I strongly encourage you to reach out to your loved ones and just check in, you never know what they might be going through. If you go out, plan ahead. We luckily live in a time where a car can be sent to us at the press of a button. Take some responsibility for yourself and others.

Cars are one of our greatest resources that we now have. That being said, in New Jersey alone there were 547 car related fatalities in the year 2020. Winter can be particularly dangerous because of the icy roads and excessive travel. People are rushing to get to their families or to buy gifts, but those things will still be there if you take your time and prioritize your safety.

Let’s talk about the scariest day of the year. No I am not talking about Halloween, but Black Friday. The only day of the year when a mother may throw their toddler at an angry mob in order to get a TV, and no one bats an eye. Shoppers’ rage is REAL and it is terrifying. Some of the kindest people will tackle you over the newest Bluey toy for their children. I am not exactly sure what the most effective way to prevent this is, but personally, I take advantage of the online Black Friday sales. 

Moral of the story, BE CAREFUL. No one wants collisions, casts, or concussions for Christmas. Take a little more time, be cautious, and appreciate everything around you. Happy Holidays!