Point Boro’s Elf The Musical

Another great production by Point Boro’s theater program, Elf the Musical was a funny take on a Christmas film that many people love. Having seen the show myself I believe every cast member really shined. After tireless rehearsals and months of preparation, they really did magnificent.

Buddy the Elf is an interesting character to say the least. As The Story of Buddy The Elf explains, he was an “orphaned” baby that was accidentally brought to the North Pole. There, the elves decided to raise him as their own. Eventually he realizes he’s human, through the gossip of his elf friends, and is told about his father. His father, Walter Hobbs, played by David Mammano, is unaware of his existence. Nonetheless, Buddy decides to travel by foot to New York City in search of his human family causing some troubles along the way. Luke Baker did an excellent job portraying this character. His personality really shined through the role making Buddy witty and charismatic. I couldn’t see anyone filling the role better.

For those who aren’t familiar with participating in our theater program, it tends to become very close knit. Emily Ruggerio, who played characters such as a North Pole elf and a Jungle Passion Fruit Spray product demonstrator, says, “The department really is like a family to me,” and many share the same sentiment. Productions like these give opportunities to make new friends and to hang out with people you never thought you might. It also gives people a chance to grow closer to those they are already friends with, like real life best friends Gabby Greffen and Leo DiRocco, who played Emily and Michael Hobbs.

Now we can’t talk about a musical without talking about the songs. There were without a doubt some amazing vocalists in this show. One I’d specifically like to talk about is Blaire Mabie. Blaire played Buddy’s love interest Jovi, and while every song she sang sounded beautiful her solo song Never Fall In Love With An Elf was by far my favorite. It truly showed off her voice perfectly and it was more breathtaking each time I heard it. Some other cast favorites are Nobody Cares About Santa, SparkleJollyTwinkleJingley, and World’s Greatest Dad.

There were some amusing mishaps as well. To start, they didn’t have their usual soft opening due to lighting problems and sick cast members. One notably ill cast member was Jimmy O’Donnell who played Chadwick, one of Mr. Hobbs’ writers. He wasn’t able to be there until the last show, but that didn’t stop him from being memorable. He was literally skating circles around the rest of the cast in the skating scene. There was also the damaged snow globe on opening night, which I can only imagine was incredibly stressful due to the importance of this prop in the story. I had also noticed that during the last show Luke walked off stage to fix the wind turbine during I’ll Believe In You, which he hadn’t done previously. I later learned that it was in order to fix issues with his mic.

Overall, it was a joyous experience for all involved. Though there are many notable people that are credited for this show I would like to say a special thanks to Mr. Ian Kearns. He does so much for our program and our school in general, and deserved earning Educator of the Year for our school.

Please be sure to come see Shrek the Musical in the spring!