Local Bands Play Legendary Venue


Rivers K.

Indigo Sky at The Stone Pony.

On December 28, 2022 a close friend and I went to The Stone Pony in Asbury Park for the delight of seeing local bands from around our state perform covers and original songs, with bands such as B’Bam, Hot Dress, Berundi, Horseplay, White Wing featuring Samantha Spano, and Indigo Sky from our very own hometown. For myself, it was a hyperactive and exciting experience to be able to hear and watch some amazing music, while these bands and their members put on an amazing show. I asked lead singer of Indigo Sky, AJ DeMillio a few questions about his experience at the Stone Pony. 

Q: How was it performing at the Stone Pony?

“I had a very good time playing at the Stone Pony. We didn’t make any detrimental mistakes as a band, and the lights and sound were very pleasing to see and hear. All in all it was a great experience.”

Q: Were you nervous or did you have any fears?

“I feel great right until we are walking up. I always get nervous before shows, but to me it’s a part of the experience. I don’t think I have any fears about playing, it’s more of just pre-show emotions coming out at once.”

Q: How did you feel about all the other bands?

“The other bands were great, although I didn’t get to see everyone because we had to load up all of our gear.”

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone in/starting a band themselves?

“The early portion of being in a band always seems to be the hardest part. You’re going to have moments of doubt, it’s one of the things you kind of just have to push through.

Over all, Indigo Sky’s experience at the Stone Pony was not only fun, but it was a successful night for them! As for the other bands of New Jersey, they all did a wonderful job themselves, and I’m sure they feel the same. If you ever get the chance to support your local bands, I suggest you go see their shows. There are truly a lot of talented people out there that you may not even know.