The Winner: Damar Hamlin


On January 2nd, the NFL was changed forever. A perfectly healthy player, Damar Hamlin, a safety for the Buffalo Bills, was sadly put into cardiac arrest; this stopped the Bills vs. Bengals game on Monday Night Football. 

Damar Hamlin was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. At first, he was in critical condition until Tuesday, January 3rd, when officials announced he had suffered cardiac arrest and he was in intensive care. According to his uncle, he had some lung damage which required him to be on his stomach to help with the blood in his lungs. Although he had to use a ventilator, it was only at 50% instead of 100%, which was a good sign. After a week, he was released and transferred to Buffalo, where he still needed to be hospitalized. Finally, on January 11th, Hamlin was allowed to go home and rehabilitate. 

This story exploded on social media, bringing the football and fan community together. Everyone was sending their prayers and well-wishes to the young player. Players all across the NFL engaged in prayer circles and many have said that Hamlin’s recovery was evidence of prayers being answered.

Hamlin visited his team on Saturday during practice before the playoffs. On January 15th, the Bills went against the Miami Dolphins on their home turf, winning 34-31.

It was a great game for the team and we all wish Damar Hamlin a speedy recovery!