NBA All Star Weekend

The NBA All Star Weekend is an annual basketball competition that is held with the best of the best in the NBA. This year it was a little different. On Saturday, the dunk contest didn’t have many big names but, Point Guard Mac McClung who has been in the g-league up until last week put on an amazing performance. Recording 50’s over the board, McClung most definitely created himself a great opportunity on seeing the NBA floor. 

This Year the NBA changed some rules for the main event, the All Star Game. Now, team captains get to choose from the starters and reserves right before the game. Kind of like pick-up basketball. The players with the most votes per conference were elected team captains, making the game Lebron verse Giannis. 

Lebron’s starting five contained:

  • Nicola Jokic with 4 points
  • Luka Doncic with 4 points
  • Stephen Curry who was out because of a low leg injury
  • Zion Williamson who was sidelined with a hamstring injury
  • Lebron James with 13 points

Jaylen Brown, Kyrie Irving, and Joel Embiid ended up scoring over 30 points. Although, this wasn’t enough to beat Giannis.

Giannis’ starting five contained:

  • Jayson Tatum with 55 points
  • Donavin Mitchell with 40 points
  • Damian Lilard with 26
  • Pascal Siakam with 12 points 
  • Giannis only scored 2 points, with donuts for the rest of the stats

The game closed out with Team Giannis winning with 184 points and Team Lebron with 175 points. Finally, someone beat LeBron.