Beach vs. Boro Wrestling Match


Kelli M.

Point Boro’s Sam Scaturro prepares for the match against Beach

On January 20th, the Panthers were just a tad bit hungry for Gulls. At the Beach vs. Boro wrestling match, Point Pleasant Borough beat Point Beach, 63 to 18. 

Before the doors even opened, people were preparing for the match; THE event that people talk about the moment wrestling season starts. During school on the day of the event, you can hear girls chatting about their outfits hours before the game and guys getting each other “hype” for the night that was about to come. Boro fans wore black and Beach in white – home colors.

The match started off strong, the pits were overflowing with students. They roared and squawked at each other, back and forth yelling, “We can’t hear you!” over and over. Yet the second the music started everyone else in the crowd began to yell on the top of their lungs!  The show was about to begin.. 

It was an easy win for the Panthers. There was no question that they were going to end up on top. From the first match to the last, they had a far lead ahead of the Beach. 

The match finished quickly with Point Boro on top, the whole thing lasted about 45 minutes. The Point Boro Panthers were clearly the hungrier team that night.