New Jersey’s Top Dog Names

Did your pup’s name make the list?


It’s a big decision for every pet owner to pick a name that is cool, cute, funny, or unique. Luckily for new adopters looking for name inspiration or names to avoid, doggy boarding and care company Camp Bow Wow has released a list of America’s top dog names by state, just in time for National Puppy Day, Thursday, March 23. 

  1. Bailey

Bailey is a gender neutral name that used to have several meanings, but now is more affiliated with big, goofy dogs such as Labradors or golden retrievers. Bailey is a great name for a playful family dog.

  1. Bella

Bella is a classic for a dog or for a human, and number one on the list in many southern states. Meaning “beautiful” in Latin and Italian, Bella is a great name if your female dog is the apple of your eye. 

  1. Charlie

Charlie is a nickname for Charles, a name of German origin that originally meant “free man”, but is now a great nickname for either Charles or Charlotte or great on its own, making it gender neutral. Charlie can be majestic, like King Charles, or playful and youthful.

  1. Cooper

The overall runner-up and top name for boy dogs, Cooper is an English name that means “barrel maker.” Cooper is a boyish name, great for all types of medium and large dogs.

  1. Luna

Although apparently very common, Luna is a beautiful name for all shapes and sizes of female dogs. Meaning “moon” in Spanish, Italian, and Latin, and having been the name of the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna is elegant while being short and sweet, perfect for calling your dog.