March Madness: FDU vs Purdue


FDU(Fairleigh Dickinson University) 16 seed faced off against the number 1 seed Purdue. The game was an absolute battle. The Blue Devils lead the first quarter 32-31. The Devils clamped up the Boilermaker’s 7’4 Canadian center Zach Edey.

The Blue Devils stole the second quarter 31-27 finishing the game and scoring 63 FDU 58 Purdue. The significant part of this win was the significant height deficit FDU had. FDU’s tallest player was 6’6 while Purdue’s was 7’4. A whopping 10-inch difference.

There are many more upsets in this year’s March Madness that I did not cover, but it makes you question how accurate is the ranking system in the bracket? Overall this year’s March Madness has been nothing short of electrifying.