Hot Spots Over Spring Break!


Point pleasant was buzzing with life this past week. It was bubbling with clear skies, full sun and no homework. Of course it was spring break! There was plenty of time for lounging around watching tv and eating chips but those are the things we do even when school is open. We wanted to talk about all the unique places people finally got to enjoy without the worry of a test the next morning. These are our hot spots over spring break. 


Jenkinson’s Boardwalk was a ray of colors this past week. With the nice weather comes the first wave of point pleasant visitors. This is most apparent as you get closer to the water. As their driving makes us crazy and the traffic drives us insane. Jenkinson’s was flooded with tourist and locals all ready to enjoy the rides, junk food and beach side view.  

The beach

With the weather hitting a scorching 85 degrees some days last week. People everywhere took refuge by the shore. People lathered on their sunscreen and cooled off in that famous ocean breeze. It being a wonderful day for the beach was made even more perfect finding that the beaches weren’t even that crowded. A luxury that will be cherished while it lasts knowing eventually even seagulls will start fighting for an open spot on the beach as temperature begins to get warmer.      

The inlet 

A quiet spot to relax is found to be the inlet. It has a romantic water side view and has a scenic beach side vibe that goes long with it. It’s an amazing place for deep conversations, listening to music and just hanging out without having to drive very far. It’s a great free place to just burn time when you are out and about with your friends.      

Grounds for Sculpture 

This is a personal favorite of mine. Grounds for Sculpture has recently spiked in popularity over the past few months. This beautiful 42 acre museum displays around 300 sculptures within its gardens. Grounds for Sculpture is a mainly outdoors experience which was perfect for the beautiful weather. There are a wide variety of art pieces displayed on the grounds ranging from editorial modern pieces to vintage statement pieces that all compliment each other in their own way. Grounds for Sculpture is also lovely because student tickets are only $1i2 which is an amazing price for such a wonderful and canny experience.     

Pete and Elda’s 

Pete and Elda’s have been around for about 50 years. It has become a jersey shore staple for most locals. The pizzeria besides it’s incredible food is famous for its iconic shirt that is won by finishing an entire XXL Pie 30 minutes or less. It has been decided by Aidan Gay (not a scientist) as to be a scientific fact that there is always at any given moment during school hours on school property at least one student wearing a Pete and Elda’s shirt. So keep your eye out for that Pete And Elda’s shirt a day.   

In conclusion, these are our Hot spots over spring break. There are so many amazing spots that we all know and love. We enjoyed it so much during the nice weather and we personally cannot wait to get back out there over summer. Be sure to take a stop at some of these great hot spots and enjoy the weather don’t waste it lounging around watching TV and eating chips!