AI Music?


AI is making its run this year, and there’s currently no way to stop it. Apps like ChatGPT are taking over allowing users to have their questions answered and have essays written for them. However, that’s not all the AI is used for.

There are services like, which is artificial intelligence that allow users to type in lyrics and have their favorite artist, in this instance Drake, recite the words with the cloned voice. This allows users to generate vocal stems and create unofficial songs with the artist. Fans are making songs with creators like The Weeknd and Drake, and it sounds exactly like them, like a ‘deep fake’ but a song. Although, these songs are currently catching fire from big record labels. 

The Universal Music Group requested streaming services to block AI because it reads copyrighted material. Universal obviously will retaliate because this is going to cause them to lose money since fans can just create their own songs at this point, but this is a problem for artists. The AI is able to create melodies and even the voice of artists, which isn’t fair because it’s somewhat replicating the sound and material of hard working musicians. Although users and fans are able to put their favorite artist on the song, none of the artists are getting any type of earnings.

Some musicians have launched a campaign called the “Human Artistry Campaign” which protects and supports the art of musicians and songwriters, and is set to encourage principles on the AI. As of now, there’s still not much that labels and musicians do. Although, if artificial intelligence in the music industry isn’t controlled or put a stop to, music will not nearly be as creative as when it came from the human soul of an artist or musician.