Terror in Tennessee


A 14 year old in Tennessee faces multiple charges due to him hijacking a school bus and illegally driving it on Briley Parkway, Interstate 40, near exit 192 on Saturday, May 6. The school bus is from Kipp College Prep in the Antioch neighborhood. Kipp Nashville officials shared that the bus was stolen using a key that did not belong to their busses.

There isn’t any detail as to why he came to the decision to take the vehicle, but he was driving recklessly. In the process of driving, the teen proceeded to crash into a car, hit a diesel fuel pump, as well as tried to run someone over at the market. He fled the scene and continued driving, all while going 60-65 mph, until he reached West Nashville.

The police laid down a spike strip, which the teen saw and attempted to turn the bus around. They later caught the teen, broke the glass door, and tasered him before bringing him into custody. He was charged with theft, aggravated assault, evading arrest, reckless driving, driving without a license, leaving the scene of a crime and failure to report a crash. He now resides in a Juvenile Detention center.