Kickball Event: Seniors vs Staff

Collection of photos throughout the night.

On the night of May 16, a special kickball game was held for the seniors of the Class of 2023 to play against a team of some of Point Boro’s staff members. This event was the 3rd annual game, organized by the Sports Management classes. This intense competition would determine whether the staff continued their winning streak or if the seniors could go home with the win. 

At Al Saner Field, the teams came together, ready to play. After 7 innings of back and forth, the seniors were eventually able to pull through and take the victory with a score of 22 – 21. 

Apart from the kickball game, the night was also filled with activities, races, and even food from the Tacoholics truck. Students partook in multiple competitions including a bagel toss, a blindfolded money game, and a three-legged race that led to a questionable win by Mr. Lins followed by Molly Liggett. Coach McDonald and Coach Ryan even participated in a bench press competition later in the night.

Overall, this whole night was possible thanks to the organization and support of many different groups of people. It was a great way to fundraise and many sponsors including Pine Belt Cars, Ocean First, Vericon Construction, Rider University, and the Point Borough PBA #158 helped out to make this night a success. We can see how this night allowed students to come together once again as the year is coming to an end and proved to be a great memory between many of the staff and students, even if they were opponents on the field.