76ers vs Celtics


The Celtics and Sixers had an amazing series. Going all the way to game seven, the Sixers were able to hold off the Celtics for three games. 

Game 1 the Sixers were able to defeat the Celtics. Tobias Harris touched the floor for 42 minutes, putting up 18 points and five rebounds. Harden shot 17 for 30, with one rebound and 45 points. Tyreese Maxey 26 points and two assists. The Celtics ended up scoring 115 points, the Sixers 119.

Game two, completely different story. The Celtics were able to let almost everyone score. Jayson Tatum seven points, seven rebounds, three assists.  Jaylen Brown scored the war teams highest scorer with 25 points. Malcolm Brogodon second, with 23 points. The team ended up scoring 121 points, defeating the Sixers with 87 points. Making the series 1-1. 

Game three went to the Celtics giving them the lead, until game four. Everything that the Celtics did, the Sixers gave right back. Sending the game into overtime, the Sixers were able to beat the Celtics by a hair. For 47 minutes, James Harden looked like a different person, scoring 42 points, and nine assists. Joel Embiid played nearly the same amount of time as Harden, but he put up 34 points, four assists, and 13 rebounds. The final score was 115-116, the Sixers tying the series making it 2-2.

Game five, and the Sixers were able to score 115. Keeping their momentum, they took the lead and made the series 3-2. Game 6 was a rougher game. Harden was playing for 43 minutes, and scored 13 points. Joel Embiid played for 41 minutes, and was able to grab 10 rebounds and score 26. Tobias Harris played for 42 minutes, and scored two points. None of this was enough, the game finished 95-86. The Celtics were able to tie the series together making the series 3-3.

Game seven was an absolute letdown. The Celtics blew the 76ers 112 to 88. Many 76er fans blame the underperformance of the coach Doc Rivers while some blame the players. Nobody suspected a series this close to ending in such an anti-climatic way. The series ends 4-3 Celtics move to the semi-finals.