2023 Senior Send Off


Layla V., Assistant Editor

I have grown so much over the past four years as a writer, specifically in these two years in Journalism. I am able to take all the values I learned not only in Journalism but throughout the school year. Writing articles is exciting, it’s fun to be able to share your work with the school and you gain experience. You get to be involved in something great and even though it’s small, it’s very welcoming. You get inspired by news things around you and you meet people and have some friends in that class. Journalism is not only about writing and learning but being creative and being able to express yourself through words.

Janis T., Assistant Editor

Journalism was absolutely one of my favorite classrooms to be in. Mrs. Jensen is an amazing, very kind, compassionate teacher. I learned so much about media ethics, news values, and what it means to be a journalist. I also learned that there are many different types of journalism. I think my favorite thing about the Journalism class has to be spending it with one of my best friends, who I think will make an amazing journalist. So special thanks to them for being there <3. Advice to my underclassmen, get more involved in the newspaper. Go to the meetings, become an editor. And always make sure you get your articles in on time. Signing off.

Rivers K., Arts & Culture Editor

I think for all of us these past four years were a wild ride thanks to COVID. But personally, they have taught me so much. Journalism has really helped me explore a side of myself that I didn’t really know I had. Getting the chance to write and publish articles about some of the best school events has been really fun for me. I also really loved getting to read what everyone else had written over the year, we had quite the collection of articles written every month! I hope the next group of kids will love getting to write for the newspaper as much as we did and love having the wonderful Mrs. Jensen as their teacher next year <3

Samuel G., Arts & Culture Editor

I’m especially thankful for Journalism because it helped me to stay cool and collected during my hardest year of school yet. I enjoyed writing articles about things I felt strongly about and I feel I learned a lot about proper writing techniques. I hope to continue participating in writing even if it isn’t my intended career path. It was really a great part of my high school journey. Thanks to Mrs. Jensen and the everyone responsible for making the club possible, because it really did help me through high school. Here’s to hoping it continues to be just like that for many after me.

Cameron R., Sports Editor

Wow, I cant believe I made it to the end of my high school career. These past four years have been such an interesting experience to say the least. With COVID it was hard but pushing through it made high school so much better to experience. Also being able to be a part of an amazing track team winning B-south back to back and being sectional champions was such an unreal experience, and also being able to compete in a national competition! If you told my middle school self what I would go through in high school I would not have believed any of it. I have learned and grown so much physically, mentally and academically and I can not wait to take on college as I continue at Stockton University. Thank you to all my teacher and fellow classmates for all these years. I could not have done it without my parents and support system at home either. Without the people around me today I don’t know where I would be. So I’m not saying goodbye, it’s a see ya later!

Alanna S., Web Editor & Designer

What an eventful four years it has been. I have learned so much about the world and especially myself within these high school years. COVID was definitely a struggle, but we all came out of it stronger than ever. I do not adjust to change well at all, so I will miss everyone and coming to school (even though I complained about coming for the past four years). It has been an amazing experience and I have made so many memories with my friends. It has been a pleasure being in Journalism class and it was so much fun being the Web Designer for this year and helping with creating photos for the different articles. I have grown so much and I wouldn’t have made it here without family, friends, and teachers. Thank you everyone for everything!

Aidan G., Public Relations Officer

High School was such a crazy long and interesting experience. Though you couldn’t pay me to relive it, I had a wonderful time. I’m going to miss so many of my friends and all my amazing teachers. I can’t wait for the future. I’m so excited for what is to come. I am so happy with all the memories I have made. Journalism was an incredible experience. I love writing and it was a great outlet to express myself. I hope next year’s staff is as fun and incredible as this one. Love you all so so much! Thanks Mrs. Jensen for an amazing year.

Elise D., Staff

While these past few years have been full of challenges and obstacles, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Throughout these past few years I’ve learned things about myself and became much more self aware then I was before. Taking Journalism was one of my highlights of this year, I enjoyed coming into class each week to find out new things happening in the world around me. I learned valuable lessons that allowed me to accelerate my writing to the best of my ability. Thank you to everyone and all my peers who helped make this year of Journalism amazing!