Hard Loss Against Manasquan For Home Opener


Jim Rosa

Senior QB Garrett Romer running the ball past the warrior defense

The Point Pleasant Boro Panthers hosted the Manasquan Warriors on September 7th, 2018 for the PPBHS football program’s home season-opener. With a final score of 42-28, the Panthers put up a hard fight against the Warriors.

The Panthers and Warriors exchanged the lead twice throughout the game. PPBHS scored three consecutive touchdowns, after starting off with a 21-7 deficit, to make it a 21-28 game.

Senior Quarterback Garrett Romer rushed for 201 yards on 30 carries, averaging 6.7 yards a touch, with 1 touchdown. Senior Kyle Komanitsky rushed for 69 yards on 10 carries, averaging 6.9 yards a touch, with 3 touchdowns. Senior Bobby Cooper rushed for 78 yards on 7 carries, averaging 11.1 yards a carry.

Although the Panthers lost, it was a very close game. As the home season-opener, there was a great crowd turnout, with the stands packed on both sides of the field.