Will the Bengals or Dolphins ever win a Football Game?

The Bengals and the Dolphins may be worse than the 0-16 Cleveland Browns. With a combined record of 0-13, and the dolphins getting blown out almost every game and the Bengals just being complete and utterly horrendous. Let’s take a more in-depth look into both of the Dolphins and Bengals’ first few games. 

The Miami Dolphins let up 163 and only scoring 26 points in the first four games. They traded away starters like Laremy Tunsil, Kenny Stills, and Minkah Fitzpatrick. After losing 59-10 in week 1 against the Ravens, almost a dozen players requested a trade. One of these players was Minkah Fitzpatrick, a very promising second-year safety from Alabama. The Dolphins just traded away the last good player on the team in Kenyan Drake. One positive for this Dolphins team is they just got Aquib Talib in a trade. As the season goes on, more players want to be out of Miami and get traded or even just get cut from the team. Their most recent loss was a little surprising. The dolphins were actually winning at one point. They lead 14-3 over the Steelers. The Steelers went into halftime down 14-10. In the second half the Dolphins went back to being the worst team in the NFL and lost 27-14.  In my opinion, the Dolphins should trade away EVERYONE worth an early draft pick and tank for the rest of the season and rebuild for the next 5 years. #TankForTua

The Bengals on the other hand sometimes actually lose by a narrow margin. They have lost 4 games by 6 points or less including losing to the Seahawks in week one 21-20. There have been many times that many people thought the Bengals were going to win a game, but they could never pull it off. I would say they are definitely better than the Dolphins but we will see when they play each other in December. Andy Dalton has had a very rough year so far, with a passer rating of 77.9 out of 158.3 and a QB rating of 38.2 out of 100. Some things that have contributed to this are the fact that he’s been sacked 24 times this year which is more than all of last year and we are only at week 8 out of 17. With these stats he just got benched, about time.

Both teams have HORRIBLE records, but there is one difference between the two teams, the rosters. The Bengals have 4 pro bowlers, Andy Dalton (somehow), AJ Green, Geno Atkins, and Tyler Eifert. The Dolphins have only one pro bowler, Xavien Howard. Both Teams have one NFL Top 100 Player. 

The good news is that one of these teams has to end the season with at least one win, because they play each other in week 16. As of right now, ESPN had the Bengals winning with a 58.7% chance to win.