Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, Belmar 2020

Even dogs get in the St. Patrick’s spirit at the annual Belmar parade.

To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, there are a lot of traditions that take place throughout the month of March. To start off the holiday, the annual parade in Belmar is on the first Sunday of every March starting at 12:30 in the afternoon. During this celebration, many people get together dressed in all green to show off their holiday spirit. People eat all Irish food throughout the day and in Belmar, one of the local pizza restaurants even sells green crusted pizza to celebrate!  

1974 was the first time the men and women of the Jersey Shore joined together and marched on Main Street in honor of Saint Patrick. The parade was formed and led by the newly created Jerry Lynch Club. The fun and spirited parade includes marchers, bands, a lot of fire engines, and a huge crowd lining the streets ready to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.

The Belmar Parade has grown so rapidly it has attracted people from all over the surrounding states. The amount of marchers today is close to one thousand and the crowds keep growing, especially if there is mild March weather. By 1981, the railroad added special trains on parade day to accommodate the ever-growing number of spectators from North Jersey and New York.

This parade is such a big part of the Belmar and even the Jersey Shore community as it brings many friends and families together for a great time! Some of the best spots to stand are by the shops and little restaurants just in case you need to use the bathroom or want a quick snack. There is a link to a photo gallery holding pictures of this year’s parade with some of Point Pleasant Borough High Schools students who attended the parade.