2022 PPBHS Junior Prom


Prom is an annual event held for the juniors as a break from the pressure of school. It’s a night to have fun with your date and friends. This year, the prom was held at Jumping Brook Country Club from 6pm to 10pm, and although the students began to disperse around 9:30, the dance floor was still filled with students until the very end.

Everyone had a different experience at prom, so here are some juniors talking about their night.

Overall, most students said that prom was a fun experience and were excited that there was a successful conga line! However, there were some suggestions, as well. One student said that the DJ could have been better, as “there was only one slow dance and it wasn’t even a good one, it was really short.”

As the night was coming to an end, the prom court was called up. The nominees were Anthony Galeros, Declan Pratt, Joseph Mazzaro, Luke Baker, for Prom King. For Prom Queen, the runners up were Anna Doblovosky, Tristan Grabis, Catherine Williams, and Morgan Ippolito. Congratulations to the winners, Junior Prom King Aidan Gay and Queen Molly Liggett! 

The Junior Prom was a great night and the students had fun cranking it up on the dance floor!